New Bing will use more powerful tech than ChatGPT

After spending years as a punchline, Bing is ready to throw some punches back!

Microsoft and Google are duking it out in the AI-powered search arena as they both look to capitalize on the potential of generative AI. Microsoft announced their “new Bing” search engine, a revamp made in collaboration with OpenAI and touted as more powerful than ChatGPT. The new Bing will use Microsoft’s “Prometheus model” language software, providing improved search relevance, annotated answers with web links and citations, and better geolocation understanding. It will also come with a chat extension for activities like trip planning and shopping, and even write emails and generate trivia quizzes. Google countered with their own AI-powered search engine, Bard, built on its LaMDA language model, which was declared a “code red” for their search business by executives. Both companies are investing heavily in AI, with Microsoft investing billions into OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT-like tools into Bing, Excel, and Powerpoint, and Google investing $300 million into a new AI firm founded by former OpenAI researchers. The impact of AI on online search could mean a shift in ad services, but the potential benefits outweigh short-term challenges for the tech giants.

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