Adidas Teams Up with Decentraland to Bring Virtual Gear NFTs to Life

Adidas is getting all Web3 savvy and making some big moves! Forget just accepting crypto payments, they’re going all in with NFT drops, partnerships with crypto exchanges and metaverse platforms. Rumor has it, that Adidas is even thinking about doing token-gated sneaker drops and payments in Apecoin, the Bored Ape Yacht Club-themed token. With token-gated tactics that will be no more waiting in line for your favorite sneakers. You could potentially be white-listed into the exclusive club of sneaker enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, Erika Wykes-Sneyd, Adidas’ Web3 Lead, spoke at the NFT Paris conference about the company’s journey into the world of Web3. Apparently, Adidas didn’t just jump into the crypto pool without a plan. They spent nine months laying down the groundwork and building relationships before diving into the Web3 world. Adidas is teaming up with Decentraland to make their Virtual Gear NFTs even more awesome. Holders of Virtual Gear NFTs will get a 3D twin of their NFT piece for their Decentraland avatar to wear inside the virtual world. This makes Decentraland the first place where Adidas’ Virtual Gear becomes a (virtual) reality! It’s like the Matrix, but with less Keanu Reeves and more fashionable sneakers.

adidas Virtual Gear digital wearables NFT capsule collection

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Apparently, it’s all made possible through DCL’s Linked Wearable feature. Adidas’ Virtual Gear is currently limited to use on PFPs like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, but with this new development, the possibilities are endless. Who knows, maybe we’ll all be wearing Adidas in the metaverse someday.

Link to Adidas virtual gear NFT capsule collection is here


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