Adobe’s Firefly AI Tool is Transforming the Video Editing Landscape

Creating professional-looking videos has always been a time-consuming and costly task. It requires expensive equipment and a team of skilled professionals such as editors, animators, colorists, and artists. However, with the recent advances in AI technology, the traditional way of video editing may soon become a thing of the past. The rise of AI video tools has made it possible to enhance, manipulate, and edit videos with just a few typed commands or image references.

Among the leaders in the pack is Adobe, a software company that has been providing innovative and useful software to creatives for decades. Adobe is no stranger to using AI to improve its products. Recently, the company introduced Adobe Firefly, a tool that promises to make image editing easier without infringing on the existing work of photographers, artists, and other creators (which may be hard to believe given the current speed of AI development). An interesting fact is that, according to Adobe, Firefly was only trained using images from Adobe’s own stock images, public domain content, and openly licensed work.

Firefly uses artificial intelligence to generate images, allowing you to describe the image you need using text commands. For example, you can say “an image of a bird sitting on a windowsill on a sunny day,” and Firefly will generate that image for you. While Firefly is still in beta, Adobe has already revealed that Firefly’s capabilities will also be available to those working with video, promising to revolutionize video editing process.

Here are the upcoming features for video editing:

Color corrections and enhancements

Filters have long made it easy to change the look and feel of a video clip, cooling color intensities to make them feel more somber, or warming the overall look to make it feel more upbeat, but finding the exact filter you need can require some trial and error.

 With Adobe Firefly, users can just describe exactly the look they’re trying to achieve through text prompts, and can even make more specific adjustments or improvements to a clip, such as brightening only their subject’s face.

Animated text and motion graphics

Source: Adobe

Complex animations often require advanced animation skills, and these days, a working knowledge of 3D rendering tools. With Adobe Firefly, users can simply describe how they want a piece of on-screen text to look, and the AI will instantly spit out the desired results. A well-executed text or title effect can help a video look like it was produced on a Hollywood-sized budget, even if it was only created in someone’s parents’ basement.

B-roll footage

Matching b-roll footage to a clip is also a time-consuming task for editors, as they need to find a clip that correlates to what someone on-screen is saying. With Firefly, the process can be automated by analyzing the text of a script, matching what’s being said with additional footage from the same project, and then dropping it into the timeline at the appropriate times.

Music and sound effects

Source: Adobe

Finding music that matches the tone of a clip, or a sound effect that perfectly matches the action on screen, is only half the challenge. You have to also ensure the music or sound effects are cleared for broadcast, wherever a video is going to end up being seen. It’s a challenge that keeps both editors and lawyers busy, but Adobe Firefly will be able to generate both “custom sounds and music to fit a specific mood and scene.” These would be completely original creations, already safe for use in a commercial capacity.

Storyboards and animated previsualizations

Source: Adobe

Creating detailed storyboards and animated previsualizations aren’t always an affordable approach for all productions. With Adobe Firefly, a script can be analyzed, and both 2D static images, or low-quality 3D animations, can be generated for every shot to help everyone on a production visualize a scene and understand what exactly is needed on set when time and money disappear quickly.

While Adobe Firefly is still in beta, it has already made its image tools available to select users through a limited beta program, and the new AI video tools will be available later this year.

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