Adobe Releases Its 2023 Creative Trends Report

Adobe, a leading provider of creative software tools, recently published its 2023 Creative Trends report, offering insights into the driving forces behind creative work this year and highlighting the Adobe tools designers can use to stay on trend. The report outlines four trends: “Psychic Waves”, “Real is Radical”, “Animals and Influencers”, and “Retro Active”.

“Psychic Waves” refers to a shift towards inner wellness, incorporating graphics that evoke serenity and calm, as well as elements of astrology and spiritualism. “Real is Radical” encourages authenticity and realism, rejecting conventional standards of perfection and promoting inclusiveness and self-acceptance.

“Animals and Influencers” highlights the growing popularity of pets and content creators that incorporate animals into their persona. Meanwhile, “Retro Active” reflects the current fascination with 90s and 00s design, with a focus on low-rise jeans, flip phones, and bright color palettes.

The report provides tips for recreating these trends using Adobe Creative Cloud tools. The full report can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

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