MakeLanding: AI-powered website generator

landing page made by MakeLanding, the ultimate AI-powered website generator

MakeLanding, the ultimate AI-powered website generator. No more hassle of designing and developing websites and landing pages. Here’s what makes MakeLanding the perfect tool for your business: 🚀 Instant Creation: Build stunning landing pages in seconds, no designer or developer required. 🎨 Unique Design: Stand out with customized copywriting, logos, and illustrations tailored to your […]

Blockade Labs

screenshot of 360 scene made by Blockade Labs

Blockade Labs helps to create a virtual space/scenes in seconds. It uses Skybox AI – the ultimate AI-powered solution for generating incredible 360° skybox experiences from text prompts. Incredible tool for building gaming, VR & metaverse environments. scene generated in Skybox environment


screenshot of marketing blocks ethan ai marketing service

MarketingBlocks introduce Ethan, the ‘Human-like’ All-In-One AI Marketing Assistant. It handles writing, creating, designing, and more in minutes. From landing pages to videos, banners, blog posts, and brand identity, Ethan does it all. With the AI Page Builder, Ethan creates complete landing pages and websites from keywords or URLs. Customize them easily using the drag-n-drop […]


Crito automates the UI/UX design process for businesses

Crito is the AI-powered design tool that automates UI/UX design for businesses. With features like contextual UX writing, a Figma plugin, heat mapping and design-to-code generation with Framer, Crito revolutionizes digital products and enhances user experiences. Generate designs based on prompts or existing systems, translate them into code, and bring your applications to life seamlessly. […]

AI-Generator of Abstract Backgrounds

AI-generator of abstract backgrounds

AI-Abstractions is an AI-generator of abstract backgrounds in 10 different styles. Customize the level of detail, colors, and additional effects like neon or noise. Explore a collection of pre-designed backgrounds and see examples of their application in branding, web design, and presentations. No registration is required. Link is here