screenshot of Synthesia dashboard

Create professional videos in just 15 minutes with Synthesia web-based app. No equipment or editing skills required. Choose from over 140 diverse AI Avatars and turn text into speech in over 120 languages. Update videos with a single click. It’s fast and easy as creating a slideshow. Affordable plans starting at $30/month. Try Synthesia here

Speak AI

video to text

Speak AI is the ultimate tool for transforming audio and video into texts and valuable insights. With automated transcription and analysis, it effortlessly converts your recordings into accurate text, revealing crucial keywords, topics and sentiments. It helps to analyze information from customer interviews, Zoom recordings, YouTube videos, and more. Ask questions and receive powerful answers […]


screenshot of marketing blocks ethan ai marketing service

MarketingBlocks introduce Ethan, the ‘Human-like’ All-In-One AI Marketing Assistant. It handles writing, creating, designing, and more in minutes. From landing pages to videos, banners, blog posts, and brand identity, Ethan does it all. With the AI Page Builder, Ethan creates complete landing pages and websites from keywords or URLs. Customize them easily using the drag-n-drop […]


screenshot of Jounce dashboard

Jounce is an AI-powered solution for copywriting, artwork, and chat designed for marketing teams. Create professional and effective content in record time. With its diverse range of customizable templates, AI-powered document editor, unlimited team member access, and an extensive library of over 70 marketing templates, Jounce empowers users to effortlessly generate compelling blog outlines, social […]


Copymate is an innovative AI-powered SEO content generator designed to empower users in creating numerous top-tier, SEO-optimized articles effortlessly.

Copymate is an AI-powered SEO content generator designed to empower users in creating numerous top-tier, SEO-optimized articles effortlessly. With features such as the Bulk Generator, seamless WordPress Integration, utilization of GPT-4 language model, streamlined Multisite Management, and built-in SEO Optimization, Copymate simplifies content creation. Tool ai filter โœ๏ธ Copywriting ๐ŸŒŽ Travel ๐ŸŒŸ UI/UX ๐ŸŽก […]


Generate Engaging Articles with Images in Seconds

Turbocharge your ChatGPT experience with instant image integration. Sqriblr helps to generate engaging articles with images in seconds. This powerful add-on automates image selection, saving time and enhancing content quality. Ideal for entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers, Sqriblr streamlines your workflow, freeing you to create compelling content effortlessly. Link to the service ๐Ÿ‘‡ sqriblr ChatGPT prompts […]


ai auto caption tool - submagic

Submagic is the ultimate tool for content creators, marketers, and anyone seeking to make a memorable impact in the digital realm. With auto accurate captions in multiple languages (48 to be exact), the latest trendy templates, auto emojis and highlighted keywords for enhanced engagement, and auto descriptions with relevant hashtags to boost reach, Submagic empowers […]


screen of the video summarizer ytsummary app

YTSummary, the AI-driven YouTube Summary tool that effortlessly generates video summaries and highlights through advanced algorithms. With YTSummary, users have the flexibility to customize the length of the summary, summarize videos in multiple languages, export summaries in various formats, and conveniently keep track of their summaries.


ai travel planner wonderplan

Wonderplan is an AI-powered trip planner that crafts a customized itinerary that perfectly aligns with your preferences and covers every aspect of your journey. It generates personalized trip recommendations based on your interests, preferences, and budget. Collaborate with your travel companions in real-time using the built-in collaboration feature, and easily discuss trip details through the […]


Crito automates the UI/UX design process for businesses

Crito is the AI-powered design tool that automates UI/UX design for businesses. With features like contextual UX writing, a Figma plugin, heat mapping and design-to-code generation with Framer, Crito revolutionizes digital products and enhances user experiences. Generate designs based on prompts or existing systems, translate them into code, and bring your applications to life seamlessly. […]