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Figure AI’s groundbreaking humanoid robot, Figure 01—backed by tech giants and valued at $2.6 billion, it’s set to transform industries with advanced AI capabilities like visual understanding, strategic planning, memory reflection, and verbal reasoning. READ

Runway has integrated Gen-2 AI into its video editor enabling mind-blowing styling capabilities. The Gen-2 transforms original videos based on prompt text or picture references. In fact, it’s like making a whole new video without shooting anything at all 🤯 READ

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Figure AI's humanoid robot

Figure AI Brings Humanoid Robots to Life

In the realm of artificial intelligence and robotics, an extraordinary advancement is emerging with the creation of Figure 01 by Figure AI. Recently valued at $2.6 billion with substantial backing from technological leaders like Jeff Bezos and Nvidia, Figure AI’s

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Adobe Integrates Firefly and Generative AI in Photoshop

Adobe Integrates Generative AI in Photoshop

Photoshop, the beloved photo editing software from Adobe, is about to get a dose of magic and creativity. Adobe has unveiled its future plans for Creative Cloud, announcing the integration of generative AI as a creative co-pilot in Photoshop. This

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Linkin Park has released a music video for “Fighting Myself,” a song that was recorded 20 years ago. The video has been created using AI technology. 👀

Ryan Reynolds tasked ChatGPT with writing a script for a Mint Mobile ad, with just three conditions: include a joke, a curse word, and a reminder of the ongoing holiday promo. Take a look at what ChatGPT came up with 👆

The band has released their latest banger, “Lost,” and it’s an AI-infused masterpiece. The music video was crafted by the legendary NFT duo, Emily Jan and Maciej Kuciara.

Get ready for a wild ride as Fred Durst and his crew transform into world leaders using the magic of deepfake tech. Buckle up, folks, ’cause you’re about to witness Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin like you’ve never seen them before! And yes, that includes Putin sipping from a beer bong. You’re welcome.

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