From Doodles to Animations: Meta’s Open-Source AI Project Makes It Easy

Meta, the tech giant behind popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, has recently open-sourced an exciting new artificial intelligence (AI) project that brings your doodles to life. This project, called Animated Drawings, allows anyone to turn their simple drawings of human-like characters into animated creations with just a few clicks!


The project was initially released by Meta’s Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) team as a web-based tool in 2021. To get started, users can upload their own doodle or select a demo figure, and then resize a capture box around their creation. The tool provides a pen and eraser for tweaking the drawing, and users can adjust the placement of joints to customize the animation. Once all the adjustments are made, voila! Your doodle comes to life as an animated character.

The magic behind Animated Drawings lies in its use of advanced AI techniques. The project harnesses object detection models, pose estimation models, and image processing-based segmentation methods to capture the digital version of the drawing. It then uses traditional computer graphics techniques to deform and animate the image, creating smooth and lifelike movements.

Since its release, users have granted Meta permission to use over 1.6 million images for training purposes, despite the tool initially stipulating that only human figures would work. People have uploaded all sorts of images, including company logos, anime characters, fish, and stuffed animals, showcasing the broad interest in this type of drawing-to-animation experience.

In response to the overwhelming demand, Meta has now open-sourced the Animated Drawings project, making the models and code available to developers as an open-source project. This means that other developers can now build on and extend the project, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within the open-source community.

Meta hopes that by offering Animated Drawings as an open-source project, it will spur creativity and enable developers to create new, richer experiences with the technology. There have already been requests for additional features, such as sound effects and text overlays, and Meta is excited to see what new ideas and innovations the community will come up with.

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