DVM Is Going On The Blockchain

With its boundary-pushing originality, California is the trend setter for much of what you see happening across America. California is introducing a big tech upgrade at its DMV and replicating its title database on the Tezos blockchain. The agency expects to launch consumer-facing applications tied to the blockchain within three months. The DMV is working with crypto infrastructure company Oxhead Alpha, which chose Tezos as its blockchain of choice for this project due to its responsible consensus algorithm, on-chain governance that can reduce forking issues, and an overall robust security model. The partnership will allow paper car titles to be reflected as digital assets on the Tezos blockchain. A proof-of-concept testnet showed how the partnership with the DMV can succeed and the state’s driver database will soon be reflected on a shadow ledger. However, the DMV will still have oversight and be involved in the transaction process, but certain things can be done digitally and asynchronously. The state is still figuring out what to make of the blockchain plan, but with the aging DMV infrastructure, they’re looking for ways to bring it into the future.

So, imagine no more waiting in line and no more losing your car title in a pile of paperwork. Soon, we’ll be able to access our car titles on the blockchain, just like magic. Of course, the DMV won’t disappear completely, they’ll still have some control, but a lot of the process will be done digitally. And the best part, California is actually ahead of the game and wants to bring the DMV into the future! Can you believe it? The DMV, the future? Who would have thought!


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