Elon revamps Twitter with new payment feature

Get ready to say goodbye to PayPal, hello to Twitter payments!

Our favorite tweet king, Elon Musk, is taking us back to his PayPal days by introducing a new in-app payment feature to Twitter. According to the Financial Times, the platform will initially support fiat transactions but could later expand to include crypto payments.

With a whopping 240 million daily users, Twitter’s user base outshines Jack Dorsey’s Cash app. This new payment feature could make accessing crypto easier than ever before.

Elon’s vision for Twitter is to transform it into an “everything app” with a focus on messaging, commerce, and payments. He’s on the hunt for VC funding to hire engineers and design payment software. By 2028, Twitter aims to generate $1.3 billion in payment revenue. With the ad business taking a hit, Twitter is seeking alternative revenue streams. The goal is to get all the regulatory details sorted out within a year, then it’s eyes on the prize for global expansion.

As soon as the news broke, Dogecoin, the meme coin loved by Elon and his squad, saw a spike of 8% before settling down. It’s safe to say that when Dogecoin is on the move, Elon is up to something big.

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