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Peter Diamandis and Cathie Wood (the creator of ARK Invest) explore the realm of investing in companies with exponential growth, the emergence of Bitcoin as a novel asset category in the worldwide financial system, the prospects of artificial general intelligence (AGI), and the merging of technologies such as  robotics & biotech 💥 MORE CRYPTO NEWS 

Runway has integrated Gen-2 AI into its video editor enabling mind-blowing styling capabilities. The Gen-2 transforms original videos based on prompt text or picture references. In fact, it’s like making a whole new video without shooting anything at all 🤯 Read more

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Boost your productivity and creativity like never before. Dive into carefully curated collection of ai-powered tools. Each tool is handpicked for its innovation and ability to supercharge work and imagination.

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Alibaba Unveils Tongyi Qianwen: Its Own Generative AI Chatbot

Alibaba has ventured into generative AI with its own chatbot called Tongyi Qianwen, powered by cutting-edge technology. This article provides updates on how Alibaba is integrating generative AI into various applications, and discusses the potential impacts on productivity, competition, and concerns around regulations.

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Media Publishers vs AI

As AI advances at lightning speed, publishers are gearing up for a clash with tech giants like Google and Microsoft over their chatbots. The battle is centered around the contradiction of the “fair use” law.

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The band has released their latest banger, “Lost,” and it’s an AI-infused masterpiece. The music video was crafted by the legendary NFT duo, Emily Jan and Maciej Kuciara.

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Samsung presented the new Galaxy S23 in Bucharest with a drone light show that used 200 drones.

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Get ready for a wild ride as Fred Durst and his crew transform into world leaders using the magic of deepfake tech. Buckle up, folks, ’cause you’re about to witness Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin like you’ve never seen them before! And yes, that includes Putin sipping from a beer bong. You’re welcome.

Link to the YT video is here.

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