Spline AI

Spline AI brings the transformative power of artificial intelligence to the world of 3D creation. With Spline AI, you can generate objects, animations, and textures effortlessly using simple prompts. Watch as your ideas come to life in stunning 3D, all with the help of AI.

Create with Ease

With Spline AI, generating 3D objects and scenes is as simple as describing what you want to create. Just provide prompts and let the AI do the heavy lifting. Say goodbye to complex modeling processes and hello to streamlined creation.

Effortless Editing

Need to modify objects, apply materials, or add lighting? Spline AI has got you covered. Easily make edits and adjustments to your creations with intuitive tools. Bring your vision to life with precision and speed.

Collaborate and Brainstorm

Spline AI isn’t just for individual creators. Collaborate seamlessly with your teammates, exploring ideas and experimenting together in real-time. Spark creativity and witness your collective vision take shape.

AI-Enhanced Textures

Style your creations with stunning textures using AI. Spline AI can generate seamless textures for your 3D objects based on text prompts. Easily customize and enhance the visual appeal of your designs.

screenshot of how to create 3d scene and objects in Spline ai
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