Type Trends for 2023 According to Monotype Report

Monotype published their annual report about the emerging design trends for 2023. We summarized it for you. Enjoy!

  • AI Letterforms: Artificial Intelligence will change the art and design world by accelerating the prototyping and ideation stages, leaving us more time for strategy. AI-painted letterforms often have a collaged look, with a soft focus or smudge in places where the machine stitched the image together.
  • Match maker: Mix-up: This trend reflects diversity, equality, and inclusion in visual form. It often adds visual depth and interest, being active and inclusive.
  • Grids: This trend, called Smart grid, is built on grid structures disrupted by quarter or half circles. The article highlights that grids are the main attraction, but they’ve been selectively softened and cut with precision and sophistication. The new mark for biotech giant GSK, is an example of this trend.
  • Superhero: Is characterized by outlines and shadows, often tilted, skewed, or curved into perspective. It has a happy, playful comic book vibe, and some are loaded up with nostalgia.
design trend 2023

*image from the Monotype report 2023

  • Liquify trend is a continuation of the Acid Flow trend, focusing on organic and soft forms with custom lettering. The trend is spotted on food packaging and online platforms, with a preference for more liquified and hand-finished designs. The Hand-finished trend incorporates traditional art-making tools like paint and markers into digital designs to add texture and imperfection. The resulting designs are authentic and often serve as a performance piece. Legibility and readability may be compromised in the Psychedelic trend.
  • Making the Cut: Which involves cutting and removing pieces to produce an exaggerated feeling of sharpness.
  • The Pixel Play trend combines digital tools and nostalgia, with pixel forms used in creative ways such as adding texture or creating vintage video game motifs. The trend can show authenticity and homage to early digital experiences, and the simplicity of the construction can lead to increased creativity.
  • Flux: Involves anything that moves, such as variable fonts that are moving around.
  • Volume Up: Involves 3D modeling and animation in graphic design, which is becoming more common due to advancements in technology and software. The use of texture and volume is emphasized, with the trend focusing on motion and the suggestion of motion, using forms that wrap around themselves to create a 3D effect.


Direct link to the report here

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